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Interior design of one -room apartment

by dublindecor

The interior design of a one -room apartment is the art of making a tightly spacious, gloomy attractive and from an uncomfortable comfortable dwelling. In general, the people laugh, looking at the pile of furniture and household items, they say, a one -room apartment is when everything is at hand. Although, of course, the opinion that the dwelling from one room a priori cannot be spacious and comfortable, outdated. Today, the interior design is a whole science that explains how to achieve certain visual effects using various tricks. But we perceive the world exactly as we see, therefore, if the apartment looks like a royal chamber, then its owners will feel like real kings.

Interior design design of one -room apartment

In general, the design of the interior during the repair of the apartment is a purely individual question and it is impossible to give advice here that is suitable for everyone and everyone. However, the task of the designer, whether he is a professional or beginner, is to get rid of the effect of pile of objects and organize as much free space as possible. There are several ways to achieve the goals, but we will consider only the most optimal in terms of effectiveness.

The best solution today is a one-room studio apartment that involves getting rid of the wall between the room and the kitchen and dividing the space into a comfort zone. Such a layout will not only increase the spacing actually and visually, but also make the room brighter. As for the division into a comfort zone, here you can use various techniques, for example, an excellent sexual coating with smooth transitions, installation of partitions and so on.

It is very popular instead of the wall between the room and the kitchen to install the bar, behind which you can refrain and directly drink with friends watching football. The interior is better to arrange in the style of minimalism, abandoning excess unnecessary details. Set only the most necessary furniture: bed, cabinet, pair of seats and so on. In terms of decor, it is better not to be too zealous, because the excess of all kinds of decorative delights can informively overload the room, which will visually reduce the space. Pay special attention to lighting, since a lot depends on it. First of all, it should be adjustable, and in each zone of comfort.

By the way, the light is an excellent assistant in the designation of the area of ​​the apartment, so it is a sin not to use this. Unfortunately, from a one -room apartment with a classic layout to make a spacious studio troublesome and costly, but the result will exceed all expectations.

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