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Types of external decoration materials of the house.

by dublindecor

One of the most important issues in the construction of the house: “How will my house look at the end of construction and repair from the outside?”This issue is really very important, since in addition to external beauty and presentability, it speaks of the taste of a person, his preferences and social status in society, but to everything will help to insulate the house, together with insulated doors. When choosing a finish, it is necessary to take into account the features of building materials at home and climate, in which the house is located. Below are the main types of home decoration.

one. Plaster. Was, is and remains one of the most popular, due to the simplicity of use and cheapness. It can be used as a basis for KRSKA, as it levels the surface of the house. There are two types of it: cement and gypsum. By the way, the price and quality is cheaper, but also less durable. The advantages of this type of coating include obtaining a monolithic wall and its durability (reaches 25 years), and to the disadvantages, the complexity and duration of the work.

2. Siding. Excellent material that is not amenable to the effects of decay and corrosion can be of several types – metal, wooden, vinyl, wood and cement. The UOOLL plus is that the decoration of siding panels can be carried out at any time of the year- they are equipped with special locks of traps, do not attract dust and dirt. The service life of siding panels is about 45-50 years.

3. Facing brick. First of all, this, of course, is a wonderful insulation and beautiful material (options with patterns, corrugated, emitting natural stone, colored) are presented on sale). The composition of the facing brick provides strength, reliability, durability and thermal conductivity.

four. Fake diamond. Acts an alternative to natural stone. Easy than natural stone can be used for houses with a not very difficult foundation. Its advantage over naturalness is technology, a wider selection of processing forms, there are no restrictions on structure and color. Harmonizes with other finishing materials.

5. Tiles and porcelain tiles are one of the best options for decoration of the house, combining a rich palette of shades, a variety of shapes, resistance to temperature fluctuations, increased firearms. Of the shortcomings, only one can be distinguished: expensive not only the plates themselves, but also the cost of their installation.

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