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Laying the slate

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Paving slate

The main purpose of slate in the construction is roofing. And for good reason, this material is in high demand, because its cost is quite low.

Getting ready for paving

Before you start laying slate, you should pay attention to the installation of gutters. It is known that it is much more convenient to install the gutter before starting the roof, although there are options to do the opposite, but in this situation, it is quite difficult to attach them.

There is an important rule so that the slate paving was made qualitatively. Before you get to the main work, you should make the roof crate. What is interesting, there are no strict requirements that the crate was solid. In general the distance between the elements of the crate is about half a meter apart.

Do not miss the fact that the standard size of corrugated slate sheets is fifty-three centimeters. On this basis, the crate should not be less than. Also, there is another rule, to get a better insulation, battens should be processed roofing felt, and only after proceeding to the laying of slate.

The main methods of laying slate

At the moment there are a couple of ways to lay slate: the way one – in a scattering, the way two – with the alignment of the edges. The basic idea of the first method is to lay a new slate on the wave of the previous one. This laying option is the easiest, and it is used most often.

Minus the first method of laying, a decent consumption of slate. Disappointing and the fact that after laying by this method at the end of the roof comes out an uneven edge, which will need to be trimmed.

Installing the second method means that it is necessary to trim the corners to match the first plate with the second one thoroughly. Suppose you decide to cover the roof with slate from left to right, in which case it is important to trim the adjacent corners at the joints between the second sheet of the first row and the first sheet of the second row, etc.д. This method of laying slate is the cheapest, but more professional and heavy.

Tips for laying slate

When working with a roof made of slate, it is useful to know a little simple advice, it will facilitate the process of the whole work and improve the quality of the final result:

Tip one: A big mistake to nail slate on the recession of the wave crest, the slate in this case simply collapse.

Tip two: despite the fact that the trimming of the sheet can be performed with a simple hacksaw for metal, it is still better to use a “grinder”, it makes this task much easier.

Third tip: When installing a standard asbestos-cement slate nailing should be driven into the ridge of the wave, and in order to avoid that over time, various microcracks, it is important from the edge of the sheet a couple of centimeters.

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