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DIY ceramic tiles laying

by dublindecor

Whenever I have to do something with my own hands, I remember the famous words – we all studied a little and something and something. And so in front of me was the task of laying tiles with your own hands in the bathroom. Equipment located in the bathroom before repair, outdated and morally and physically.

The first stage is the dismantling of old plumbing and pipes, it is advisable to change the risers. Next, you need to decide on the interior of the bathroom and choose the option of execution of the ceiling.

Then, we lay new pipes to the places of connection to the new plumbing, I chose metal -plastic pipes. Next, we fix these pipes to the wall with a fastening of 30 centimeters and make a plumbing wiring. They will be hidden under plaster.

I will lay the tile from the floor to the ceiling around the perimeter. Next, the stage of preparation of walls begins, on which styling will be carried out. It directly depends on the curvature of the walls. The smoother the walls, the faster they cook. We must set the beacons under the level after about 60-70 centimeters and you can start plaster.

For laying tiles, you need to have a special glue, so you can use tile glue for external work, a cell, a small level of manual tile cutter, a roulette, a drill with a mixer, a gear spatula for applying glue, rubber hammer, rules, rubber spatula for applying grouts and The tile, respectively. All these tools can be taken from friends for a while.

You need to start a row from a corner or from the door. Each wall is a separate, independent plane. On the wall with which I started laying attached a rail at a distance of no higher tiles, from the floor. I apply tile glue on the wall above the rails in size of the tile height, remove the excess glue with a gear spatula, and put the tile to the wall and press it to squeeze out the excess glue, the lower part of the tile is laid on the rail, which is installed according to the level. It must be remembered that the wall is even. I check the level of tiles, and the rule parallel of the front part of the tile with the wall of the apartment.

Having convinced the correct position of the first tile, I continue further, checking each tile. Glue can be applied for a number of tiles. Having reached the corner, we insert the inner plastic corner and continue to put the tiles to the end. Between the tiles we insert special crosses that help to withstand gaps for grouting. When the wall is finished, we lay the lower row of tiles, adjusting it in height, since the floor may not be even. It must be remembered that the rail is attached by level and serves as the main guideline. In this matter, it pleases that tile glue dries much slower than a cement mortar and I always have time to remake a marriage.

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