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How to Decorate a Garden in an Irish Home

by marusia

In Ireland, they treat the formation of gardens with special trepidation and have been doing this for several centuries. We have collected for you ten of the most popular ideas for creating a classic garden in the view of the inhabitants of this island.

From a horticulturist’s point of view, Ireland is an ideal country for growing plants. A unique island climate dominates here: not too cold, not very hot, but quite humid. Thanks to this combination, lush and green plants grow. What can we learn from Irish landowners?

If you want a garden full of greenery, you need to plant giant plants with wide leaves in it. For example, such as gunner or rhubarb. They grow throughout the season, slow down vital processes in winter and require protection from wind and frost. Alternatively, you can cover them for the winter with a blanket or shift the foliage with a thick layer of straw or bracken. In the spring, perennial giants should be fertilized with manure and then the leaves will be like a bicycle wheel in diameter.

At the beginning of the 20th century, in the heart of the British Empire (on the territory of modern England, Scotland and Ireland), gardens were treated with special attention. They placed expensive sculptures brought from different parts of the world, planted exotic plants and experimented with landscape design. After the separation of Ireland from the British Empire, the British abandoned their estates, and the gardens were abandoned and fell into disrepair. Plants began to grow at random, the sculptures began to look abandoned, and the design evoked dark memories of former luxury. Oddly enough, now decadence is back in fashion among Irish gardeners and the atmosphere of desolation is deliberately created.

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