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Care for the dishwasher

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Each technique loves careful care and neat circulation. Dishwashers are no exception. Despite the fact that they seem to be quite complex devices, it is easy to take care of them. To get a true and reliable assistant in the kitchen, care for the dishwasher must be regular and correct.

Basic rules for the care of the dishwasher

It is possible to ensure uninterrupted operation of the machine with several simple rules:

one. Before loading the dishes, try to remove the remaining acidic products. This will avoid corrosive processes on the details of the machine.

2. Having finished the washing process, all sealing door pads, as well as the place where the docking occurs, must be wiped out dry.

3. Care for the dishwasher should include the sink once a month without dishes for internal cleaning.

four. Clean the mesh filter weekly. To do this, you need to stretch the lower basket, unscrew the screws and remove the filter device. Rinse it under running water and install it in the same place. The shower blades should be cleaned, but only in the case of severe pollution.

5. Try not to wash fat dishes in temperature mode 35ºС. Periodically, the sink temperature should be increased to 50ºС.

More details about caring for dishwashers, read here -/KATA/65/Whirlpool/

Detergents and salt

First of all, it is recommended to use only special detergents designed for dishwashers. It can be powders, rinses and tablets “3 in 1”. It is best if these products are from well -known and well -established manufacturers. Never, even in small doses, do not use means intended for manual washing dishes. Since, having a high ability to foam formation, fluids of this type have a high load on the equipment of the machine.

Carrying for a dishwasher consists, also in softening water. To this end, regenerating salt is filled into a special compartment of the machine. Its function is to reduce opaque raid on the details of the machine. If this is not done, the water will cease to flow into the detergent over time, after which the machine will completely fail. Do not fall asleep salt every time before washing, usually the latest assembly machines are equipped with an indicator, which will notify its absence.

In the case of a machine stop, the leakage and the appearance of the sound signal about the equipment malfunction should be immediately blocked by the water, disconnect the machine from the power, and then call the master.

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