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The choice of carpet

by dublindecor

Probably the oldest of the now ancient types of coatings used not only for the floor, but also for the wall of the human dwelling is a carpet. The carpet is concise and self -sufficient, it does not need any additions. The carpet of good quality will not only look great, but will also help save the heat in the house. And of course everyone knows what bliss can be tested by walking on a good carpet barefoot or in home slippers. The main thing is to choose the carpet that is suitable for your home.To begin with, we will understand how the carpets are classified depending on the material that was used in the manufacture.

The most optimal material for flooring is wool. The distinctive features of the woolen carpet are enviable durability, and the unsurpassed ability to retain heat. A wide selection of carpets and flooring is presented in the online car store at an affordable price.

Silk is a very expensive material, but carpets made of silk are able to shake the imagination with a riot of colors. The disadvantage is the need for very careful care.

Carpets made of synthetic materials practically do not require care, they are quite durable and have hypoallergenic properties. As a rule, synthetic carpets are considered so -called budget options, but sometimes the price of such a carpet can reach the cost of a woolen carpet, or even surpass it.

After a decision was made to choose the material, you can proceed to quality issues. What is needed in order to purchase a really good copy.

If you believe the experts, then the quality of the carpet depends on its density, that is, how many points, if the carpet is made by car, or lines, if it is made manually, falls on one square meter. If the carpet is made by car, then the number of such points should reach half a million. It is unlikely that you will be able to calculate them, so ask the seller with an accompanying documentation or take a word for him.

It is important that the carpet drawing is exactly repeated on its wrong side.

The carpet should be attached to the carpet.

The density of the woolen carpet is checked by bending. If a carpet base is visible on the cod through the pile, then this carpet cannot boast of high quality.

Another not unimportant nuance talking about the level of the quality of the carpet is a drawing. The fewer areas painted in one color, the higher its value.

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