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Types of stairs for a private house

by dublindecor

The staircase is an indispensable element of communication between the floors of the house. Therefore, its qualitative characteristics, such as reliability and safety, are very important. Attractive appearance is also an important factor. Also, stairs for the house should harmoniously fit into the overall interior of residential construction.

Conditionally, the stairs can be divided:

On Kosoura

Simple view in terms of production and installation work. The steps of such a staircase rest on the support beams standing under the slope. Can be straight, curved or sawn. The main material of the Kosour is metal (less often wood), but the steps can be made of wood, marble, or concrete.

On Bolts

A great aesthetic solution for any dwelling, since the system of attaching these stairs is completely invisible, unlike the previous type. In such stairs, the steps are connected to the handrail using balusters, and mechanical resistance is obtained due to steel bolts inserted into the wall. They are incredibly beautiful and luxurious in their design and are an excellent addition to any interior. They are also universal and suitable for installation in premises of different purposes. Made of natural wood in combination with glass, marble, metal.

Spiral and screw

Serve to save space and are an excellent alternative to massive. The basis of this design is the central column, on which the whole building is based. Find use not only indoors, but also outside of it.


Can be either extended or folding. Their purpose is access to the attic. Have a small length and consist of two or more parts. Easily folded and clean the attic door. Metal stairs are made using the “accordion” mechanism, when with the help of one gesture they easily disassemble and collect.


Are in special demand due to various forms, excellent appearance and a combination of various materials. Bizarre railing for stairs, as well as additional decor in the form of unusual and original jewelry – can be an excellent addition to the main structure. Combined stairs meet all the requests of the most demanding customers as in form, so in size and external appearance. Choose this or that type based on the premises and budget.

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