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Selecting a stretch ceiling for the hall

by dublindecor

One of the elements of creating a cozy environment in the hall is stretch ceilings made of PVC film or seamless fabric canvas. This modern finishing material allows you to design the hall in any style due to various color combinations and the use of lamps.

For classic or retro design, the best choice will be satin ceilings of white or pastel colors.

Such an texture with a light reflective surface creates a wonderful imitation of traditional plaster, only without cracks and with an absolutely flat surface. Modern products allow using photo printing to convey any graphic pattern, drawing, and even photos. The most popular is the fabric ceiling depicting the surface of the sky.

In small small -sized rooms with low ceilings, it is recommended to install “mirror” ceilings, that is, varnish ceiling coatings with a reflective effect, or ceilings with a mirror texture that completely imitates a mirror surface. The use of such products contributes to the visual increase in the height of the room and the expansion of its space. The original LED or point backlight will achieve an even greater effect of the open and large room.

In the halls decorated in a minimalist, futuristic or high-tech style, it is recommended to use stretch ceilings imitating the structure of metals. The shimmering neon or LED lamps will be a great addition.

Collections of suspended ceilings contain many original paintings with texture of natural materials: leather, marble and others. Modern equipment allows you to apply absolutely any prints to the customer’s choice on tension systems. In the halls, PVC is very impressive “under silk”, “under velvet” with a gold or silver edging. In the living rooms of suburban cottages and mansions, in which usually high ceilings, multi -level stretch ceilings that simulate marble.

In a luxurious design with expensive carpets, upholstered and body furniture made of wood, designers recommend the installation of seamless single -level or multi -level stretch structures. They can be decorated with exclusive design patterns or “gilded” old ornaments. Stretch products with Swarovski crystals will be able to emphasize the exclusivity and sophistication of design.

Various textures, textures and color solutions allow you to choose a stretch ceiling for the hall in accordance with your replacements about ideal ceiling coating.

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