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Laying a new linoleum without dismantling the old one

by dublindecor

At all times, the most desirable for any person was the repair of his apartment. But it can turn into a number of negative emotions because of the wide choice or the price of construction materials. So, in recent times, more popular is a small, or as it is called – cosmetic repairs. This article describes the basic concepts and rules of laying the new linoleum on the old.

Replace the linoleum, as a rule, a lot of people decide for a variety of reasons. It can be as outdated pattern of the old linoleum, or wear and tear. This procedure is also preferred by landlords of apartments. After all, completely replace linoleum – an expensive exercise. Therefore, it will be easier and cheaper to stretch a new coating over the old one. But it is worth noting that this procedure can be carried out if the floor, under the linoleum, has not begun to fail. If it happens, you can cut the linoleum and repair the flooring in that place. After that, you should glue the cut piece of linoleum in place, in order to align the floor to the same level.

The positive side of the second layer of linoleum is sound and noise isolation, which will be noticed by the neighbors who live below you. It also allows you to keep the heat on your floor, and it becomes much softer. As for the disadvantages, the main one is the dirt and debris that are under the layer of old linoleum. But if you are simply renting an apartment, or want to sell it, upgrading the old linoleum will come in handy. Yes, and by gluing a second layer, you will save a significant amount of money.

If you apply a second layer, you must first level out and eliminate all the defects of the old linoleum. After all, this material is very plastic, and after a month a new layer will repeat all the curves and irregularities of the old linoleum. It is necessary to glue all the corners of the old material and achieve a completely flat surface. After that, cut out and spread a new layer of. It is better not to glue it, but to put it on a special tape. This will get rid of traces of glue and air bubbles under the linoleum flooring. The edges of the linoleum should be fixed with a new baseboard, pre-stretching the material in the corners.

So, using some tips from this article, you can in the shortest possible time for a small amount of money to achieve the desired result. And your new flooring will be a joy to the eye for years to come.

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