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How to make windows in the house like in Ireland

by marusia

The peculiarity is the breakdown of the glazed part into small rectangular sections. The type of assembly emphasizes the English style.

The structure consists of a box, two wings. Opening: lift up, lock half with latch. The product is equipped with a lower opening sash, the upper part remains in a fixed position.

The transom moves along the grooves and guides installed in the movable part. Guide options – installation of a roller mechanism, sliding the frame along the groove of the window frame.

To facilitate lifting, counterweights are installed on the sides, removing part of the load. Installation of loads is carried out in the inner part – between the window opening and the frame. The mechanism is hidden, the space ensures the work of counterweights.

Classics – wooden frames made of pine, oak, larch. To serve for a long time, they are impregnated with antiseptics, varnished. You can give any color using stains.

With the advent of new technological solutions, metal-plastic, aluminum profiles are produced. Buildings are more practical.

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