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Colored doors characteristic of Ireland

by marusia

Each country has its own traditions that surprise, cause admiration or bewilderment. Usually they are based on a historical fact that has turned into a legend or a banal, but unexpected, explanation.

Many people know about the colored doors of Ireland. But not everyone knows what this feature of houses in Lublin and other cities of this country is connected with. Why are the front doors in Ireland an unusual color?

In Ireland, you will not find a house in which the doors would be the same color. According to tradition, the color of neighboring doors should not match. This has led to a vibrant riot of colors and shades used in home design. Raspberry, blue, green, mustard-yellow, purple doors adorn the dwellings of the Irish. Such bright colors really enliven the gray landscapes of cities. In Ireland, there are often rainy, gloomy days that bring sadness and melancholy. Colored doors bring notes of cheerfulness, optimism, cheer up.

In Dublin, you can hear urban legends that explain the love of residents for colorful doors. There are several such legends.

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