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Choosing wallpaper for the living room

by dublindecor

The front area and the main place of the apartment has always been a living room. She is the most visited room, all solemn events are held here and all family members are gathered for watching TV and rest. That is why the design of the living room needs to be paid to special attention, in connection with which, the question arises of how to best make the choice of wallpaper for the living room so that the room looks best.

The first thing you should pay attention to is the color scheme of wallpaper. You can choose colors very different – from pastel colors to the brightest with drawings. The main thing is that they harmonize with the interior. The classic wallpaper of shades of white, golden, beige and mother -of -pearl colors with Baroque style patterns were very popular at all times. Typically, such wallpapers are combined with such a type of furniture as living rooms to order and wood furniture in a classic style.

It is possible – during the repair of the apartment, opt for the tones of silver -gray, white and blue. Such colors are suitable for an interior in the style of minimalism and are combined with metal ergonomic furniture. The original interior can be created using the oriental style – Chinese or Japanese. In this case, the wallpaper will carry decorative potential. It can be products painted with ethnic embossing or portray oriental landscapes.

When the color and style is defined, you need to pay attention to the structure. The assortment in stores is very diverse. You can make a choice for the living room in favor of non -woven products, paper, or wallpaper made of natural material. It all depends on the preferences of the buyer.

Wallpaper from natural materials are made of natural raw materials – straw, paper, bamboo or algae. They are weaved in China and Japan manually and painted only with natural colors. Fabric -based products can be varied in texture and coloring. The basis for their production is silk, flax or velvet. They are covered with a special composition from absorption of odors and burnout. The cheapest option that you can finish your choice of wallpaper for the living room will be paper. If earlier they looked simple, now they look pretty good and are made in a wide variety of colors and drawings. However, it is worth noting that such products may not last long, and after a while they will have to change them.

Winding products are now very popular. First of all, because they are the most simple in gluing. Glue is applied only to the wall, which greatly facilitates the process of gluing.

So, no matter what wallpaper you stop, the main thing is to think about the style of the living room and its interior correctly.

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