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What furniture is typical for Irish houses

by marusia

The Irish built small stone two-story houses. The walls were covered with plaster or white paint. Window openings and doors were painted with bright colors.

The roof was dense, as it was covered with thatch, reeds, water reeds, sedge or heather. Since the houses of the Irish were small in size, they had to store things on shelves and racks.

To decorate an Irish-style room, designers usually use brown, white, beige, emerald and brown paint.

A table, a chest of drawers, a wardrobe, a sofa and chairs, that is, the Irish made all the furniture from oak or pine wood. Irish stools looked like mushrooms. The Irish do not cover the wood with anything, because they want to emphasize the naturalness of the materials used to decorate the rooms. The room had a lot of shelves and racks. Dishes and jugs were placed there. The floors in Irish houses were usually covered with stones or cobblestones. A rug was laid on top. In the kitchen, instead of stones, the Irish used blue limestone to decorate the room, and the floor was covered with tiles.

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