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How I use nature in an Irish interior

by marusia

The country has beautiful nature and picturesque landscapes. This was noticeably reflected in the interior decoration of the houses of the Irish. Irish vegetation is almost always present in the interior.

The main symbol of the country is the shamrock.

Clover is found in many homes. Pots with it are placed both in the kitchen and in the living rooms.

In the Irish interior it is also customary to use flowers. Among them:

  • geranium;
  • dryad;
  • upright violet;
  • orchids.

One of the design elements are such Irish flowers as spurge and large-flowered butterwort. It is customary to arrange pots with plants not only on the windows, but also on tables and cabinets. Many flowers are present in the kitchens of Irish homes.

In the landscape design of the site, the Irish style is interesting for the abundance of various plants that live nearby perfectly.

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