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How landscaping is done in Ireland

by marusia

Ireland is a country of mysteries, a lot of interesting things can be found and learned in the gardens of Ireland, so we decided to spy on our neighbors and learn from their landscape design experience.

Here are 10 little travel notes that you might find helpful!

Similar stone arches look great in our latitudes. Moss covering the surface of the stones gives the impression of an ancient building. By the way, the building in the photo is from 1730. And the decoration with ferns creates the impression of a magical place. As a fern, you can use both an ordinary ornamental fern and other varieties, for example, the bristle-bearing shield fern (Polystichum setiferum) is a small, very pretty fern with thin divided leaves.

For example, in the garden on Mount Stewart, garden designer Eoin Lane uses pink hydrangea for this, which can turn blue if the soil is not acidic enough. Recommended reading: Features of growing hydrangeas

Antique items in the garden. The Bamberg Gate shown in the photo was made in Bavaria in 1770. Their appearance fits perfectly into landscape design, as they create the impression of lightness and are made using plant plots.

Landscape design should not be faceless. Of course, there are certain rules and proportions, but add something personal to your garden and see how it will positively affect its appearance. For example, the garden in the photo was dedicated to the daughter of the hostess and perennials planted adonis leathery (Lychnis coronaria ‘Alba’) and sage were planted in it.

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