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Window decoration in Ireland: why they do it

by marusia

There are no very tall buildings in Ireland, and in small towns there are none higher than the 2nd floor. The windows in such houses are located very low, therefore, passing by, the eyes themselves slide along the window sills and look into the windows.The reason for this is also the various decorations that the Irish place on their windowsills. In spring and summer they are filled with flowers.

And during the holidays they are decorated depending on the event.

During Christmas and New Year, various decorations, toys, many candles or electric candles are placed on the windowsills.
It seems that people decorate window sills especially for those passing by on the street. Almost every window is decorated! And everything is different! During Halloween, they stand in the windows, various monsters hang on the doors.

I especially liked the pictures. If you look at them directly, then you can see women in old clothes. If you start moving to the right or left, they begin to turn into skeletons.

On ordinary days, window sills also do not empty – a cat lies on a small pillow, there are some chests, books, cups – often walking along the same road you already know where and what lies!

In cafes and restaurants, the windows are also low – you can get acquainted with the menu without even going in!

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