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Do -it -yourself repair in the kitchen: tips for those who will do this for the first time

by dublindecor

The production of any repair work must be approached responsibly. And if no one is in doubt that coziness should reign in the bedroom and a strong dream should be provided, then everything is more complicated with the kitchen. Analyzing the time, the nature of the work performed by family members in this small room, where in addition to them, furniture, household appliances, communication systems are placed, it becomes clear that the kitchen is a multifunctional link in a common living space called “apartment”. Staging changes in the design, redevelopment or reconstruction of communications, it should be borne in mind that the repair of the kitchen with your own hands will cost inexpensively compared to the remuneration of the brigade of the builders.

Before starting repairs in the kitchen ..

Already at the start you need to understand what will ultimately bring the repair of the kitchen

In the kitchen, household appliances, furniture should be placed rationally, and family members feel comfortable and comfortable. All points must be taken into account by repairing the kitchen with your own hands. Like any responsible business, it also requires a certain preparation. And first, you need to decide what each of us expects at the finish line: a capital redevelopment with a replacement of communication networks or just cross the wallpaper to bring a novelty to the design. It is all these and other nuances that are planned at the preliminary stage of preparation. As an example, on this site, a photo repair photo of the kitchen with your own hands is presented, from which you can draw constructive ideas.

DIY Khrushchev’s kitchen repair has features with your own hands. If with the usual premises of this purpose you can experiment, playing with space, then for 4-6 square meters. m. You are not particularly walking around. But here you can find a compromise. The multifunctional use of furniture, its transformation and the ability to fill the corners are put at the forefront. When compiling a plan for the repair of a small kitchen with your own hands, you need to use the most to communications, laying electrical wiring, the arrangement of household appliances every free centimeter of a useful area. By modernizing the windowsill, for example, you can equip a comfortable countertop or shelf from it.

Measure seven times: draw up a draft work

Khi Khi Kitchen – for example after cosmetic repairs

He must take into account everything: from “A” to “I”:

Determine the type of work: cosmetic or radical changes.

Is there a need and the possibility of installing new building elements.

Do I need reconstruction of ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Or not the replacement of old furniture, lamps is supposed or not; Installation of new household appliances.

Is it supposed to replace window and doorways.

What to do with the walls, floor and ceiling, heating radiators?

The main thing is that all this reconstruction corresponds to the selected style decision and fit into the boundaries of the budget. The correct assessment of the state of the enclosing surfaces, communications, lighting, etc. allow you to prevent the redistribution of finance.

We have to recall the course of arithmetic and work with the measured values ​​- length, height, width of the room, windows, doors.

By the way: the newly restored kitchen room in its geometric sizes, in particular, should meet the requirements of. one.one. SNiP 2.08.01-89 “Residential buildings”.

The choice of materials

Repair in the kitchen should be carried out taking into account the requirements for moisture resistance of materials

Before the purchase of building materials, you need to carefully study their characteristics, the properties of the compositions for the ceiling and floor, the finishes. It is necessary to save rationally, to find that middle ground in which the price would not have been to the detriment of the quality. Standard requirements for construction products:

moisture resistance;

good adhesion with a facing surface;


stability to ultraviolet radiation;

resistance to high temperatures and chemicals.

Practicality – the kitchen is constantly undergoing wet cleaning, so all surfaces should wash well.

Get rid of extra things

We sometimes do not even suspect that the mezzanines are stored, pantry and tables. Before removing furniture from the kitchen for work, an inventory of the kitchen “Scarba” is carried out. As a rule, most of it is thrown out, freeing up … a new entry. After the removal of the furniture, mobile household appliances are removed: the equipment that cannot be carried out is covered with film, old blankets, and wallpaper. Access to any part of the kitchen should be provided so that the work is performed quickly and harmoniously. It is important to think through the disposal of construction debris in advance.

Black option for interior decoration

All capital work is performed: window and doorways are restored (double -glazed windows and doors are changing). Arches, niches, pruts are installed. Old pipes and batteries are dismantled, new communications are connected, counters are installed.

The walls are leveled, just as the ceiling and floor. Then the surfaces put up and emphasize. The resulting construction dust can not only settle on furniture, but also penetrate through the respiratory system into the body, so you should use personal protective equipment. We recommend watching the sequence of the repair of the kitchen with our own hands on special videos.

By the way! So that the work does not go down the drain, you need to adhere to the order: first the ceiling is processed, then the walls and at the end the floor.

Ceiling horizons

The ceiling can be painted (in this case, you need to gently apply the paint to the ceiling surface). Packed with wallpaper (the process is laborious and tiring). Equipped with suspended slabs hiding wires, surface irregularities. As an option – the use of drywall, rails, stretch structures, other. There may be a modular performance. It all depends on the chosen design and, again, finance.

The French ceiling in the kitchen has proven himself perfectly

When performing the repair of the kitchen with your own hands, you can often encounter the problem that the ceiling has a not quite aesthetic look. In this case, you can correct the situation, among other things, using detergents. They will not only disguise the old finish, but also completely transform the room, create a new mood in it.

Work with walls

They are different. Do -it -yourself repair of the kitchen, the walls of which have significant damage, recesses, voids, involves sealing flaws with a construction solution, alignment of the surface. Small cracks put down. If the surface uneven is eliminated using the finish, it is not possible to use drywall throughout the working perimeter.

Tiles of the kitchen walls are a proven and effective way to finish wall surfaces

Possible options:

pasting with wallpaper;

laying tiles;


Stone decoration;

decoration by plaster;

cladding with cork material or wood,.

Attention: preparation of surfaces, conditions of finishing, stucco, decorative work are regulated by SNiP 3 norms.04.01-87 “insulating and finishing coatings”.

Before making a kitchen repair with your own hands, think through the design of the working area at the stove, near the sink, where you have to be most of the time. Particular importance is attached to the design of the wall area in the kitchen between the lower edge of the hinged cabinets and the surface of the countertop, the so -called “apron”. Aesthetic finish, unusual wall decor increases mood and performance, awakens appetite. In addition, it also serves as protecting the surface from fat, spray, dust deposits; Masks spots. There are many design options. From natural stone, glass, MDF, stainless steel and complex mosaic to the ceramic tiles of natural raw materials, which is familiar to all, easily washing, durable, practical, folding into various drawings.


A cement screed is performed on the lower overlap. She acts as a kind of laying between the concrete and external flooring. The solution is stacked with an even layer on its surface. Dried up, the floor becomes smooth, and most importantly, durable.

Combined floor in the kitchen – practical and beautiful

By the way: a cement mixture for screed can be prepared with your own hand. To do this, 1 part of the cement and 4 parts of the sand are mixed, 0.9 kg of fiber fiber, plasticizer (according to the instructions on the package) and water in a ratio of 1.5 liters per 5.0 kg of cement are added per 1 m3 of the solution.

You can finish the prepared surface with linoleum, laminitis, carpet. The main thing is that the coating does not slip, wash well and cleaned.

Doors and window openings are best replaced with environmentally friendly wooden structures. But PVC products also have proven themselves well in residential premises.

Electric work

With your own hands, cosmetic repair of the kitchen involves the removal of the old ceiling, walls, flooring; replacement of old window and door structures with new ones without changing wall architecture. Moreover, all communications are not subject to replacement. Capital kitchen transformations require radical changes in the cable laying scheme, wires, installation of additional lighting devices, household appliances, and equipment equipment to them. In this case, the number of consumers, the total power consumed by them must be taken into account.

Electric work in the kitchen should be designed by one of the first

Attention: all further work must be performed in accordance with the requirements of the rules for the installation of electrical installations (PUE), SNiP 31-02. “Power supply of residential buildings. Requirements for the wiring of the house “.

If after the end of the repair you do not want to leave your cozy kitchen, you are looking for an excuse to be in the comfort created by your own hand, which means that the ultimate goal has been achieved, and it justified the funds fully spent on repair.

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