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What furniture is chosen in Irish homes

by marusia

Irish interior design is inconceivable without natural wood and is almost always the main material used for decoration. Chests of drawers, voluminous wardrobes, tables, comfortable sofas, chairs are almost always made of pine, cherry, oak and other wood, which allows you to create a unique Irish style.

It should be borne in mind that the use of natural wood is most welcome in the interior – smooth, unpainted with a natural pattern.

Mushroom-shaped, voluminous stools, wooden, solid chairs can be considered a visiting card, always saying that the room is decorated in accordance with the Irish style. The tradition of using such furniture in the interior came from Irish pubs. Men come here to relax after a working day. The floor must be covered with cobblestone or stone; it is customary to throw handmade rugs on top of this material.

Everyone saw in the photo what the Irish houses are in the traditional style. They are usually small in size, and therefore there is not much space in the rooms for storing household utensils and things. To expand the space and make the most of it, mounting racks and shelves is welcome in the Irish interior. They place frying pans, pots, any other kitchen utensils and many other things necessary in the house, allowing you to fully recreate the Irish traditional design. The walls of houses are necessarily decorated with family coats of arms, engravings of Celtic medallions and various embossings.

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