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Choosing Irish furniture for kitchen decoration

by marusia

For many people, the kitchen is one of the most important places in the house. The modern kitchen is no longer just a space where food is prepared.

It has been transformed into a place where we share the most beautiful moments with our family, admiring excellent food, in the kitchen we often discuss and analyze important problems, gather in a small company of our closest friends, inhale the aromatic smell of coffee after waking up. The kitchen is the heart of a house or apartment, and for this reason, it should first of all be filled with warmth and comfort. Tastefully selected furniture for the kitchen will surely create a pleasant atmosphere.

In Ireland, a country with an established tradition in furniture making, the modern furniture industry offers a wide and varied selection of furniture for every room, and the kitchen in particular. It all depends on the taste of the consumer and the individual characteristics of the house or apartment. For example, the kitchen may look like a small French cafe, or designed in a futuristic style for those who already live in the future. Of course, to organize the kitchen of your dreams, you need a desire and a certain amount of money, since the prices for kitchens are higher than the prices for the material from which it is made, and the manufacturing process is laborious. Often, professional designers are invited to create a kitchen, who select furniture taking into account all the features of the owner of the house, and at the same time do not forget to consider kitchen furniture in terms of functionality. You can be absolutely sure that every morning you will enjoy strong and invigorating coffee in a kitchen created by professionals and embodying a Dream. But in order to save on price and not be afraid of stereotypes, you can go the other way and buy individual items, each detail of which has already been carefully thought out by professional designers.

An example is the almost souvenir Bard Chair, which furniture designers were inspired by the ancient Celtic culture. The Bard Chair is an arbitrary interpretation that combines beauty and humor. As you know, unfortunately, many uninvited guests have visited Ireland over the past centuries. Many of those who tried to colonize the Emerald Isle in the past, during the robbery, caused irreparable damage to the culture of the country and very few examples of art, textiles or, specifically, furniture, examples of Celtic furniture, have survived. However, modern makers intuitively recreate fanciful “animal-style” designs, using illustrations from the Book of Kells as a guide. The Bard chair is both functional and decorative, thanks to the beautifully carved, muted tones of red, blue, green, white and yellow on the back and legs of the chair. The chair is artificially aged, darkened in the crevices. The shape of the Bard Chair is inherently Celtic – asymmetrical legs, specific size of the object.

The most interesting feature of the stool is a typically Irish quirk that you will not find in any other furniture, French, Italian, English, is an unusual shelf on the left or right side. Since it’s a “bard’s chair”, the shelf is supposed to be for a sheet of music, but these days the makers, when they set up a shelf, thought it would be better to put, for example, a mug of beer on it.

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