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Types of blinds and their features

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Blinds entered our lives for a long time, like an alternative to curtains. They are constantly being improved and some new varieties appear. To date, the choice of blinds is quite large. They are made by many manufacturers. There are many species, the range of blinds is significant. The features of different designs can be found here: /Zhalyuzi-Dnepropetrovsk.

Let’s take a closer look with the types of blinds and their features. So, they are:

Horizontal – made of aluminum tape with plastic spraying. Can be monophonic, multicolor, with perforation, “under wood”, matte or “metallic”. The option of making wooden lamellas is possible. Very convenient to handle: light is easily adjusted and simply wash. The most common view.

Vertical – made of various fabrics with special impregnation, giving strength, rigidity, antistatic and dusting protective properties. Very successfully fit both in the home interior and in any office room. One of the common species.

Plissa is one of the new varieties of the product. Made from fabrics saturated with special dusting composition. They have the form of accordion. Used for shading and decor of windows of any shape and at different angles of inclination. For a long time retain their shape and easily erased.

Arched – any blinds, but with an enhanced profile of the cornice that keeps the form. The design is designed specifically for arches, whether it be a window or doorway. Most often attached to the wall or ceiling.

Rolled-produced from dense fabric, which is wound on a cylinder video, there is a lifting mechanism with a latch. Possible option is made from bamboo. Do not think and repel dust. An interesting option for decorating rooms.

Interminal – one of the variations of horizontal blinds. Designed for wooden windows. Installed between glasses. Have a flexible control that is displayed out.

Rope – relatively new variety. It has a calming effect. Instead of lamellas, threads are used. Such blinds are well written off in the interior and easy to care.

Multifacture – made of various materials. In addition, several types of structures, shapes and even technologies can be used. An interesting solution for extraordinary people.

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