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Care for wooden euro -clips (woods from wood)

by dublindecor

Production technology allows modern wooden euro -covers to take a worthy place in the design of the facades of buildings. Innovations used in the processing of wood do not cancel its natural aromatic properties, which every minute reminds us of the naturalness of the material. Naturally, it is necessary to care for the product, with all responsibility, based on its origin. A number of the following rules will help you avoid unpleasant moments during the operation of wooden Euro -fuels.

Basic rules for caring for wooden euro -clips

Firstly, we should not forget that the material for the manufacture of windows is oak, larch, pine and other breeds. With strong blows on a wooden frame, an irreversible deformation of the material occurs, which to eliminate, without violating the appearance, is extremely difficult and expensive.

A wooden frame is made not as before from a solid beam, but thanks to progress, the beam is fed from several layers of wood. Which provides at the output the moisture content in the material is no more than fourteen percent. During operation, it is important to ensure the movement of air in the room. Products of the best manufacturers of Europe provides for microvntilation directly in the window itself, but if it is not provided for by the design, the rooms should be regularly ventilated regularly. At the request of the customer, the window can be equipped with a winter ventilation mechanism or a supply valve. Normal microclimate significantly extends the life of wood products.

The technology of manufacturing Euro -ox from wood provides for the impregnation of the material with special compounds to increase moisture resistance. In connection with the mentioned circumstance, the place of damage to the coating should be urgently wiped with a wax pencil or varnish for wooden surfaces.

It is necessary to ensure that the leafs do not “grin”. If the sash began to touch the frame, it is necessary to adjust the components of the window. It is advisable to provide this type of work to provide the service.

The design of the wooden window provides for the technology of the sealant connection of the frame and the double -glazed window. So don’t try to make out the product yourself.

Cleaning double -glazed windows does not provide any features. The retail network is replete with winding windows. For the frame, use products that are not different from the other surfaces made of wood.

For accessories, the necessary reception remains regular lubrication of all moving parts, which can be easily performed by means of oil for sewing machines.

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