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Wooden House: Life in Harmony with Ecology!

by dublindecor

In this article, we will try to consider all the advantages and disadvantages of building wooden houses from a looped log, that is, from logs.

So, the merits of the wooden house.

Firstly, of course, this is the environmental safety of this design. Wood is the most natural and natural building material, because wood – This is not just environmentally neutral material, plus it is also natural.

House built of wood, «Breathing».

So the walls made of a beam or logs guarantee the design excellent ventilation indicators. It should be noted that this property in no way affects the thermal insulation of the house. You probably have repeatedly noticed how perfectly he sleeps and breathes in a wooden house? In a wooden room, air, as a rule, is the optimal temperature for a person. This contributes, first of all, that wood is slightly warmer than the environment.

Wooden house – warm house.

The wood material is endowed with low thermal conductivity, respectively, no special efforts are required for heating such a room. The house heats up quickly enough, and for a long time retains heat.

Wood material is resistant to various kinds of deformations.

Due to the large indicator of the stiffness of walls made using logs, a wooden house «Do not scare» all kinds of deformations, which often arise thanks to adverse external influences. True, the occurrence of internal shifts inside the tree: this problem is especially relevant in case of precipitation of the house.

Lightness of wood from wood.

It is no secret that wooden houses are several times lighter than similar brick or concrete structures. Thanks to this characteristic, you will not need a rather massive, moreover, road in construction, the foundation. For wood storage, as a rule, by finely pungent tape, simple columnar or tape-tall-based bases.

Wooden houses are endowed with excellent soundproofing parameters.

Wood material provides an excellent sound barrier. This factor is very important for comfortable living in the room. This is especially true for «frantic» The rhythm of modern life.

Wooden houses are not afraid «harsh» Winter.

A house built of wood material, unlike brick analogues, is able to withstand as many freezing cycles and thawing. This characteristic guarantees the durability of the design and its high reliability.

Self -regulation of air humidity.

Walls in a wooden house work no worse than the most modern air conditioner. All excess moisture that appeared in the room goes through the walls, so that the house is supported in the house, the necessary and comfortable air humidity for a person.

Price availability.

Naturally, the range of varieties of wooden houses offered in the market is very wide. However, the construction of a high -quality and budget house is quite real.

So we tried to consider the main advantages that a house built with wood material has. But, like any other products, a wooden house also has some disadvantages.

Long shrinkage.

In view of the fact that the log house is built with the help of a log of natural humidity, in some cases one can go on the shrinkage of the house, and sometimes two years. Before the end of this process, it makes no sense to carry out finishing work. And the log house itself must be done with all kinds of tricks (gaps in the structure, etc.) that could provide shrinkage without any complications. This drawback is absent in houses from dried glued beams, however, this material also has a number of certain and rather dubious qualities, namely: non -ecological glue, high cost, etc. D.

Fire unsafe.

In case of fire, you are unlikely to be able to save the structure, because the tree is «Great» material for fire. The modern market offers a rather extensive assortment of special compartments, which guarantee protection of wood from ignition: in the case of using such substances, wood is only charred. True, deep and really high -quality impregnation of wood is possible only in factory conditions. In addition, ecologists assure that such special components are very non -ecological, and accordingly – harmful people living in the house. Also, near the house, it is necessary to have such objects as fire hoses, fire extinguishers, etc.

Wood «Not friends» with water.

Excessive moisture of a tree can lead to such consequences as decay, the appearance of various fungi, mold, as well as the swaying of the surface. In order to protect against the aforementioned «misfortunes», You can, again, use special substances – antiseptics. But such means as fire detergents have dubious environmental friendliness.

Availability «roommates».

We are talking about various parasites and tree. Wood – This is an edible and quite tasty material, naturally not for people, but for all kinds of insects and their larvae. Of course, the case can hardly reach the termites, but constant «Night feasts» Korotovs – pleasure is not pleasant. In addition, we should not forget that such «dinners» After some time, they can quite noticeably weaken the designs of the walls of your house. So, unexpected guests are better «Expand» in the earliest stages with the help of all the same antiseptics.

Blowing corners.

In the case of using a manual cutting of a house, it is quite difficult, or rather, it is almost impossible, to ensure a tight fit of logs at the joints. That is why the corners, as a rule, are blown and subjected to excessive moisture. This drawback can be easily avoided if you use glued beams or logs in construction in construction.

Expensive insulation of the house.

The so -called hemp of a wooden house – quite an expensive and quite tedious event. In this case, all the same glued beam will be able to help out.

Certain problems at the stage of decoration.

Wooden structures, as a rule, prefer to leave without outdoor decoration of the house, otherwise the indigenous tree ventilation indicator decreases and the risk of excessive and extremely undesirable moisture is increased. But the log walls are already decorative, and therefore additional skin is not so necessary.

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