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by dublindecor

Warm and comfort is what every person would like to feel, regardless of wherever he is, whether it be a house or office, and maybe a restaurant or cafe. For most of us, it is important that the interior has a beneficial effect on our internal state.

Having staggered repairs in the apartment, you should decide in advance with who will develop an interior design project. It is best if the design studio of interiors, where experienced experts will certainly help to correctly embody your ideas into reality, as well as give advice in choosing a stylistic decoration of the room, is far away.

Much attention should be paid to the choice of interior style. The most traditional are classical styles. For those who prefer a measured life, perhaps, smooth transitions in the color scheme, rich chandeliers, fireplaces, various elements of antiquity will appeal.

The interior in a classic style is, first of all, harmony and symmetry. Color shades – warm pastel. Furniture in the classics in itself is a decoration, thanks to valuable types of wood from which it is made. In the center, certainly, there should be a chandelier, because the classic requires good lighting. An indispensable attribute is also curtains and large mirrors.

It should also be said that the cost of the design of the project directly depends on the level of elite and on a number of other factors, therefore, choosing classic styles, you need to take into account the use of expensive materials and, of course, the complex work of designers and masters.

Among the classic styles can be distinguished by Empire. This style is distinguished by massive monumental and lapidar forms, the fusion of artistic elements of Ancient Egypt, ancient Rome and ancient Greece. The colors used in this style are mainly green, purple.

Another direction of classics is Baroque. Complicated plans, greatness, the use of sculptures, mirrors, as well as mosaic compositions and carved furniture – all this characterizes this style.

Rococo is popular. This style is distinguished by an abundance of various ornaments, a variety of asymmetric shapes, rounded angles, carving. As for the color scheme, much attention is paid to gold and pastel colors.

Speaking about the color scheme of the interior, it should be noted that the choice of colors is also of great importance. The color greatly affects the mood, the well -being of people, in addition, correctly selected shades can visually “expand” the small room, make it spacious and bright.

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