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Repair of a children’s room.

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To plan the repair of a children’s room, you need to remember that the development of your child depends on the environment around him, including his room. Therefore, you must choose the right interior. And as we know, to choose the right interior, that is, functional, safe, comfortable, and most importantly, such that your baby likes is very difficult!

Children need large space, so make the room more spacious, and do not clutter it up. But if the room is quite small, then in this case the transformer furniture saves. During your child’s games, the bed can be pushed into the closet, and the table and children’s chair are folded. As a result of these manipulations, you will get a lot of free space. Safety is also very important! Do not fill the room with fragile interior items, or those that easily ignite. Sharp corners must also be avoided, replacing them with rounded.

You need to know that sunlight has a positive effect on the child. Poet choose a room for a child most lit! At the window through which sunlight penetrates the room, there should be the right finish! To protect your child from road dust and the noise of the urban environment is the best option to put a metal -plastic window!

But unfortunately, it is not always possible to provide your child’s room with natural light. Therefore, when repairing, you need to use many sources of artificial light. In addition to a regular chandelier, install more wall lamps, sconces. You can also place several lamps and on the ceiling.

If you continue to talk about security, then one cannot fail to say about electricity. Hide all the sockets under special covers, do not have a single extra appliance in the room! You must take care of this in the first place!

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To decorate the walls use wallpaper or paint. There are a large number of colors and drawings! You can even paint the walls yourself! The main thing is that the color and drawing does not irritate your child’s eye, but only please! The right choice would be the choice of pastel light tones. When choosing wallpaper, based on requirements such as practicality and environmental friendliness. It is also better to buy paper and washing wallpaper, since children are often not very careful. There are children who like to draw on the walls, in this case you will be saved by liquid wallpaper, since they can be constantly repainted!

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