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Thermal insulation of walls in the apartment

by dublindecor

Developers of modern apartment buildings often save on materials and technologies, thus trying to reduce the cost of housing. In such buildings in winter it is cold, and therefore the owners of apartments have a desire to insulate the walls. There are two ways to perform this operation – the decoration of heat -insulating materials outside the room and from the inside. The first option is usually difficult to fulfill, so the second is more often used. In this case, the process includes the following stages – installation of the frame, installation of insulation, laying waterproofing, installing finishing material.

Installation of the frame

Despite the fact that the tree has higher heat-shielding qualities, it is best to use a metal profile, always with zinc coating. The fact is that the tree can be crumpled over time, which will lead to deformation of the entire structure. First, guides are mounted on the wall – around the perimeter at the floor and ceiling, as well as in the corners. The bearing profiles are attached to these guides strictly vertically. Further, in the profile, the drill is made for dowels, on which the finish will be mounted.

Insulation, waterproofing and finishing

Mineral wool is used as a heater for thermal insulation of walls. Sheets are laid between profiles close. Then the waterproofing film is pulled. In order to arrange a ventilation gap between it and drywall (if it is it used for finishing) an additional profile of 2 cm wide is used. You should make small holes in the film. This will increase its vapor permeability. Drywall is mounted on the frame by means of dowels and screws.

The use of foam

Another very suitable material for insulation of the apartment is foam. In this case, the frame is not installed. This insulation can be glued directly on the wall. For this, appropriate glue is used. The walls are pre -cleaned and aligned. Then the glue is applied to the stove and pressed to the surface. As soon as the entire wall is trimmed, the joints are glued with a sticky tape and proceed to the installation of a reinforcing layer.

For this, the surface is coated with special compositions on which the net is attached. After the first layer dries, the second. As soon as it also dries, you can proceed to the installation of finishing.

Insulation of the walls of a city apartment is not too difficult. You only need to follow the appropriate technologies and do everything carefully.

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