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Types of sofas

by dublindecor

You probably have already noticed that sofas differ not only in appearance, but also in the design with which they can be laid out. There are few of these designs, but nevertheless, it will not hurt to get acquainted with them before making the purchase of the most suitable option for your room.

So, we will determine the categories into which sofas are divided, namely, products that are laid out, unfold and put forward/rolled out. And now about each of them in more detail, which will help you finally determine what upholstered furniture will be the best.

The sofa that rolls out.

This model has long been recognized as the most reliable and durable, because its mechanism is adapted to frequent transformations. To lay out such a sofa, pull the strap under the seat. Such a sofa is very compact, so it is suitable for small rooms, but in unfolded form makes it possible to get a large sleeping place.

The sofa with the mechanism “Accordon” resembles an accordion, it is according to its principle that it develops and laid out. This provides a number of advantages, which include compactness in folded form and a lot of space for sleep – in the laid out. Also, the sofa compartments can be equipped with underwear or other things that must be hidden. If we talk about the shortcomings, then they include the need for large space to lay out furniture.

The concept of “dolphin” sofa most often characterizes corner sofas, because with the help of a secret strap under the seat, the second part of the berth is advanced. Such a sofa has a flat surface, as well as a large area for sleeping. With this model, the transformation process will not take much time and effort, because it is very simple.

A model resembling a Eurobrnide is a very strong and durable model. Therefore, it is not surprising that she is one of the most popular for today. Both an adult and a small child will be able to cope with her – the front seat rolls forward, and the back is transferred to a horizontal position, then it lowers into a free place, which was formed. The berth is even and large, if, if you put the sofa on the wall, you will be able to save space in the room. But not everything is as cloudless as it seems at first glance – the sofa has a hard back, although this drawback can be smooth out if you use soft pillows.

We wish you the right and very good choice!

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