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What are textile slings for

by dublindecor

Which is stronger, fabric or metal, textile rope or steel cable? This question reminds of an old joke, where the main question was: what weighs more: a kilogram of iron or a kilogram of cotton wool? In fact, we are not going to compare anything, but asked for one simple reason: today there are things made from textiles, which in their parameters are in no way inferior to those devices made of metal. For example, cargo slings. On the one hand, it seems that this is impossible, but we assure you: when loading and unloading, textile slings can easily withstand the loads of tens of tons. Moreover, they have a number of advantages over other types: cable and chain type, which, by the way, are made of metal.

Textile slings of the construction here are made from a durable polyester, the thickness of the sling varies from 30 to 150 mm. The higher the thickness, the, of course, higher and strength, lifting capacity. Yes, they are not as strong as slings from chains, steel cables. But they, firstly, are much easier, which saves labor forces during loading and unloading. Only one person is enough to transfer this type of slopes. Secondly, fabric string slings do not damage the load, since this material is elastic and mobile. It is extremely convenient when you need to move relatively fragile objects. It can be ordinary furniture, large plastic items, pipes, etc.D. To protect the sling from possibly damage (from sharp edges, from hooks, etc.P.), in the places of touching the sling and cargo, a special gasket can be used. If the load has a rectangular or square shape with fairly sharp edges, a special plastic angular angular lining is used.

An important point when using slings is the safety of workers. There are frequent cases when, when using steel cables, a person was injured about the sharp edges of such devices. After all, such slings are made from several “weaving”, which are damaged over time, diverge. Sticking metal can leave a big wound even when working in gloves. If textile slings are used, such a problem will never arise. They are completely traumatic for people. In addition, it is important that textile slings are resistant to deformation, in contrast to the same cable slings, which are overcame over time, and their integrity is violated.

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