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PPU pipes – description, manufacturers, characteristics and sizes

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PPUs are pipes that are covered with insulation from polyurethane foam (PPU). In turn, this type of foam plastic protects the pipe from factors such as temperature fluctuations, moisture and pressure.

Pipe production

There are three types of PPU isolation

.one. Foamed polyurethane is applied directly to the pipe using spraying. On top is covered with galvanized metal. Thus, it turns out to be ready to use a pipe in isolation. On the other hand, this excludes free access to it.

If a leakage occurs, it will have to be completely changed. This option is beneficial for an industrial scale.

Where there is always a duty locksmith.

2. A shell of polyurethane foam is made. And then it is put on the pipe.

3. The shell is made separately from it, of different sizes and shapes. These shells are designed for cases when you already have material. And you do not need to put a new. In this case, it is enough to isolate it with a shell. Naturally, the main form of the shell is a cylinder that you can put on an open pipe along it. However, it is not always open and affordable. Therefore, there are forms of semi -cylinder and individual elements. For example, corners.

Stages of production

one. Material control;

2. Manufacturing foam from polyurethane;

3. Preparation, installation of CSCs;

four. Application of PPU;

5. Quality control of finished products.

The main plants for the production of PPU are located in the cities of St. Petersburg, Moscow, Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg and in the Sverdlovsk region.

Pipe design

PPU pipe consists of:

one. Main or working pipe.

2. Thermal insulation material. In this case, foamed polyurethane acts in his quality. It is thanks to air bubbles that this material perfectly holds heat. And due to the fact that it freezes in the form of a holistic piece of plastic, moisture almost does not pass inside. Which is a huge advantage, in comparison with glass wool, which was used earlier. Also, in comparison with glassy, ​​the PPU does not burn and withstands the temperature from -120 to +130 ° C.

3. Outer layer. It protects thermal insulation material from mechanical damage and is made of plastic or zinc. Externally, the pipe is covered with paint, so to find out which material was used to protect, you need to see the marking.

four. The CSC system is a device that is installed along the pipe, and constantly sends data remotely about the state in which the pipes are located: whether they are attached to each other, whether there is a gap, is there a risk of gap of the pipe due to high pressure.


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