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Roofs of natural natural materials

by dublindecor

Often, things that were considered irrelevant and obsolete at one time open their new quality sides for use in everyday life. A similar situation arises with roofing coatings. Since ancient times, man has used those natural materials that were at hand for the construction of roofs. Wood was used in forest areas for roofs. In the south, various kinds of plants were often used as a roofing – reeds, straw, palm leaves and others. Roofs of houses that were created using such simple natural materials belonged, as a rule, not the richest layers of the population. Houses are more expensive, boyar or aristocratic were covered with more expensive material – shale.

However, times are changing! And what do we see now? At the moment, people from original natural materials can afford people with a good level of material wealth, and good taste.

Straw roofing

In recent decades, in the construction of private houses of European countries, as well as the United States of America, straw roofing coatings have been used very often. In modern technological conditions, a straw roof is not only a sign of the preference of natural components, but also the latest technologies that allow not only to make any design – all safety requirements for such materials are already combined here.

Straw roof is the choice of extravagant people, since attention to itself will attract more than enough. In addition, in this way, the owner of the house expresses his sympathy for natural natural components.

A straw roof creates a feeling of proximity with wildlife, fairy tale and romanticism. Whatever form a straw roof is – it will always hit the observer with its exclusivity.

Roof using reeds

No matter how surprising at first glance it may sound, but now Kamysh occupies the first positions in the construction of elite housing.

Kamysh, in itself, already initially has unique user qualities that are used for protective coatings of houses.

Due to its special structure, the roof of reeds makes your home special, similar to a fabulous tower.

Of the fundamental qualities of the roof from reeds, the following can be noted: flexibility, high operational period – from 50 years, resistance to any weather conditions, good noise -disposal, environmental friendliness, and most importantly – such a roof does not accumulate harmful static electricity and does not cause allergic reactions.

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