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Carpet wallpapers for pasting rooms at home

by dublindecor

Absolutely every person who started repairing repair work in his apartment seeks to perform such an interior so that he is as unique, special and unique and somewhat different from other options. In most cases, this applies to cosmetic repair work, for example, if you want to simply re -paste the wallpaper in your apartment. To refresh the flooring is a rather troublesome occupation, but to change the design of the surfaces of the walls in the room can even the beautiful half of humanity.

At the moment, there is a fairly large selection of the most diverse varieties of wall cladding: non -woven, rotary, plant, metal foamed cellulose and much, much more.

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According to a fairly large number of professional designers, the unique coziness of your apartment will be able to give the so -called tapting, in simple words, these are wallpapers, which are based on a pile, in turn, glued on the basis made of fabric. Ultimately, after gluing the surfaces with such wallpaper, they will look like a carpet decorated. Obviously, the wallpaper does not have the same pile as simple carpets, but, determined, they can give your apartment unique comfort.

There are amazing carpet wallpapers with fairly original ornaments.

According to professionals, tapting – wallpaper does not allow moisture to evaporate through the walls, and can retain heat quite well, and also have excellent indicators in sound insulation.

Carpet coatings are perfectly combined with smooth and flat finishes.

Let the carpets go out of fashion for today, a certain section of the wall, which is covered with tafing – wallpaper, will look quite spectacular.

A great solution in modern design would be carpet wallpapers as branches of plants that will have convex colors. This landscape is often used on a plain background, which allows you to combine this option of wallpaper with other materials for decoration, while adding a harmonious combination.

This option of wallpaper is an excellent solution for lovers of beauty and for those who want to form an excellent atmosphere of comfort and warmth in their apartment.


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