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Chimmers. Changing technologies and correct solutions

by dublindecor

It is difficult to say who are not worried about saving issues today. The limb of raw materials and other trends have a powerful effect on the increase in energy prices. This, in turn, is a powerful incentive for the appearance of various technological equipment, which has the maximum possible efficiency of useful action. In practice, such processes lead to the fact that heating devices and assemblies become more advanced. Design solutions, special electronic control and control systems, new materials and work algorithms. All this together provides high efficiency of boilers, the efficiency of which today exceeds 90%. Such equipment can be found today not only in cottages, but also in ordinary city apartments. Its installation allows you to use resources much more economically, to be able to reliable operation of the heating system and heating water, regardless of the vagaries and the features of the work of utilities and operational services. Note that paying attention to the main components, boilers, radiators and others, not all consumers pay sufficient attention to such an important element of the entire structure as a chimney. The simplest solution is the use of existing channels that are not always correctly used today to remove gases. The fact is that the walls of such elements made of brick are not compatible with the parameters of modern boilers. In this case, their magnificent technical characteristics can indirectly have a harmful effect. The relatively low temperature of the output gases in technology with high efficiency leads to the fact that the brick walls of the channels do not have time to warm up quite quickly. This leads to settlement on their surface of water, condensate. These particles, combined with the remnants of combustion products, form an aggressive mixture, which quickly destroys building materials quite quickly. That is why, old technological techniques are not at present. The correct solution is a chimney created from two metal pipes with a layer of insulation between them. Such products are produced today in series, and it will not be difficult to purchase them. Stainless steel is used as the material of the walls, which provides at the same time magnificent aesthetics of appearance and the long service life without the need for additional care. This design prevents condensate. It can be used in combination with modern boilers working on different types of fuel.

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