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Choose furniture for the kitchen

by dublindecor

Choosing is never an easy thing, and the more different products there are in the range, the harder it is to make the choice. Statistics show that the choice of furniture for the “women’s office” people spend at least twice as much time than the furnishing of any other room of their apartment. How can you ease this process?

Initial and of course unchangeable data in this process are the configuration and internal dimensions of the room, according to which will be made one of the five types of kitchen layout.

In small or elongated rooms, the elements of furniture are lined up along a single line, for more spacious rooms you can already apply the L-shaped layout. The owners of medium-sized kitchens may prefer the U-shaped or parallel arrangement of furniture. Only owners of large kitchens (not less than 18 sq. m.) can afford a spectacular island arrangement of furniture.м). In rooms that have a protruding part, it is convenient to apply a semi-island layout. Most often it is in the form of a bar on the living room side and a functional work space on the kitchen side.

In any of these options for placing the main components will be very helpful mobile furniture elements: refrigerator bars, kitchen tables and cabinets on wheels. Changing their location can transform the entire interior. In addition, they are extremely convenient, after use they can be easily stowed in a free corner.

The “rule of a triangle” is considered as basic for a rational approach to the allocation of kitchen components. The meaning of it boils down to the fact that a person who is in the center of the kitchen, should be free to reach the 3 main items: refrigerator, stove and sink. So these items are as if in the vertexes of a certain triangle with a side equal to 120 – 180 cm.

Ergonomics is very important when choosing kitchen furniture elements. Convenience and durability of operation depends on the design and material of the internal and external components of the furniture set. The steel filling will definitely last longer than the plastic one, and the thickness of the tabletop should never be less than 38 mm. The door mechanism should be very reliable, otherwise all those nice drawers and shelves will stay unused. By the way, the more complex the internal arrangement of kitchen cabinets, the more expensive the product, and one cabinet is always cheaper than 2 equal in size.

The same choice of style and color of furniture for the kitchen – a matter of personal taste.

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