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Features of the repair in the bathroom

by dublindecor

Bathroom repair includes many different operations, but above all, this is laying tiles (/). The most time-consuming process is to lay tiles on the walls and floor. Installing a shower cabin, replacing the bathroom and old steel pipes of water supply, as a rule, is not difficult.

Shower cabins installed during the repair of the apartment will serve you along with plastic pipes of water supply and sewage for more than a dozen years.

However, before the repair of this part of the home, make sure that the fungus and mold on the old walls are absent for all 100 percent. After all, it easily occurs on the ceilings and walls of this part of the apartment when there is moisture access. It is because of the presence of excessive amount of moisture over time that black spots of the fungus appear.

It is necessary to start laying tiles in the bathroom after dismantling pipes, plumbing, partitions. But all the surfaces with spots should be thoroughly cleaned and opened with an antiseptic, faded. Use an antiseptic designed to combat fungus and mold. Can be used by Abedis 06. It needs to be diluted with water in relation to 1: 2. If the surfaces are very contaminated, then the abedis 06 solution is used without mixing with water, in its pure form. The remedy is applied with a regular brush. Should give him the opportunity to absorb within 24 hours. And only after that, on the surface washed with water, the rest of the provided work can begin.

Repair in the bathroom can be carried out both when conducting a comprehensive repair of the entire apartment or house, and independently. This repair option- only the bathroom- can touch the rooms adjacent to it a little. Consider this when repairing a turnkey bathroom.

Specialists providing services for partial or complete dismantling of partitions, installation of the door in a niche, laying tiles and other work related to repair, are expensive.

You can break the partitions of the bathroom yourself. Sometimes it is required to completely dismantle the cabin of the bathroom made of concrete or gypsum. The full dismantling of the old cab will make it possible to make the walls of the bathroom perfectly even.

After laying pipes and installing plumbing, it remains to stick the tiles.

Ten years ago, many combined the toilet and the bathroom. But this is a thing of the past due to elementary physiological amenities.

Modern designers rejected this option, offering a divided bathroom.

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