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How does a real estate agency in Turkey work

by buma888

Buying real estate in Turkey is of interest to investors from different countries. To make the deal as profitable as possible, you should use the services of a specialized agency. A reliable real estate agency in Turkey can offer you many services. If you are searching for a trustworthy company, you can contact Stay Property. The company has been working for more than 10 years on the market. Moreover, the agency can offer you many variants of real estate in Turkey for Stay Property developer.

Real Estate Agency Services In Turkey

The companies can offer a list of services to customers. Everything depends on needs. So, investors can get the following:

1. Selection of the property. Managers conduct a personal selection of residential or commercial objects for the client, taking into account all wishes for location, condition, and budget.

2. Check. Agencies check every object for the absence of encumbrances, debts, and other problems associated with the current owners.

3. Legal support. Transactions with foreign citizens are conducted in the presence of an interpreter and a notary, which guarantees legal purity and protection of the buyer’s interests.

4. Cooperation with developers. Agencies work only with proven and conscientious developers while selecting real estate in Turkey. It guarantees buyers that they will receive high-quality housing that follows all standards.

5. Exclusive offers. Agencies often receive information about particularly advantageous offers even before they are published on the website. This gives their customers feature to provide access to facilities at favorable prices.

6. Banking services. Real estate companies actively cooperate with banks, helping buyers to solve financial issues.

7. After-sales service. It includes the management of the acquired asset in order to maintain its technical condition and provide the investor with the opportunity to receive additional income.

Working with a real estate agency guarantees a secure transaction that will comply with Turkish laws.

How To Choose A Reliable Real Estate Agency

If you want to buy a property in Turkey, you should cooperate with a real estate agency. There are many companies in the country, that’s why it is important to understand how to choose a reliable one. There are several ways to do this:

1. Study the site. There should be information about the objects, contacts, details of the company, its address, awards, and employees. In some cases, there is no data about employees.

2. Make a phone call and ask a few questions. It’s easy to tie with a real agency. Most Turkish real estate agencies have employees with knowledge of German, English, Russian, Arabic, and Spanish. Usually, the site has information about supported languages.

3. Look through the list of services provided. If a company offers after-sales services, then this confirms its seriousness.

Remember it to find a reliable company that will help you purchase real estate in Turkey in compliance with your financial features and demands.

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