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How to heed a modern cottage?

by dublindecor

Currently, many residents of megacities are preferred by a country house. Some acquire plots and build modern cottages, others buy ready -made houses and equip at their discretion. Parameters such as humidity, air temperature inside the house are of great importance for the normal life and activity of a person. To create comfortable conditions in the house is the heating system. The reliable operation of this system, first of all, depends on the project, competently completed installation, as well as on the quality of equipment. Therefore, the heating of the cottage is the most important component for creating comfortable conditions in a country house. It should be noted that the device of the heating system must be entrusted only to professionals who choose a high -quality boiler, as well as calculate the necessary capacity of the equipment for your option. For a suburban cottage, the following heating systems are used: electric; water; stove; Air. The heating system, which is most often used for cottages, is water heating. To do this, it is necessary to install the boiler of the required power, which can be electric, gas, work on solid or liquid fuel. In order to function such heating, a system of pipelines is needed. The design of the heating system is developed at the design stage. Pipelines are laid in the room in an open way or “hidden” in the floor screed. For heating system, plastic, metal, metal -plastic pipes are used. In addition, there are various installation systems. The heating of the cottage can be carried out using the “warm water floor” system, which is currently more in demand. In order to reduce heat loss, use water thermal curtains that connect to the heating system. If gas is not brought to the house, then you can use electric heating. It should be noted that this type of heating is possible when using electric convectors, which are very easily mounted. They are attached to the wall with a special framework, and for connection you just need to bring electricity. In addition, you can use the “Electric Warm Paul” system. Infrared heaters found their use in cottages. To reduce heat loss, for example in garages, use electric heat curtains. If you live in a country house temporarily, then for heating you can install a thermal or oil fan.

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