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Legal features of the construction of wooden houses

by dublindecor

Individual housing construction has become accessible to many citizens today. To have your own house from a dream turns into reality. In order to prevent the appearance of possible troubles (during construction or during the commissioning of the building), it is necessary to know the norms and rules of the legislation in force today and unquestioningly comply with them. In this regard, at first, the article must be considered several legal issues that must be taken into account and resolved even before the start of construction.

As practice shows, some owners are ahead of events and try to start construction work before they receive a set of documents giving the right to build a private house. The legal grounds for the beginning of construction are spelled out in SP 11-III-99 (set of rules for design and construction). The behavior of a private developer is spelled out in article 4 paragraphs 1-8.

The development of design and estimate documentation begins only with a building permit issued by representatives of local self-government.

The development of the project may be engaged in individuals or legal entities with a state established form license for the right to engage in this type of activity. Work is carried out in accordance with the provisions of SNiP 11-01.

The development of the territory is allowed only after the output of the land in kind, geodetic removal is carried out by specialized companies, the customer is issued an act of transfer of work performed.

The local administration issues a building permit only if there are design documentation and geodetic removal. In this case, the construction site should take into account the master plan for the development of the settlement.

It is impossible to build a house without a project, such a building will be recognized as illegal, during the commissioning there will be big problems. And if significant violations of existing rules are detected by a court decision, a decision may be made on the demolition of an illegally built building. During the creation of the design documentation, the responsible contractor must take into account the standards of location of the house and outbuildings, the minimum requirements for the construction of a house for comfort and safety of residence, the arrangement of new engineering communications, or the possibility of connecting to existing. We will consider the basic principles of building a wooden house (log house) in this article, the most important topics that require a detailed and detailed description, you can find at the end of the article. For the house, choose only high quality lumber – a trimming board 1 GOST variety, profiled lumber – class A block -house, imitation of a variety bar of.

For the manufacture of walls of the house, a strict beam was used

During the conclusion of the contract for the implementation of design work, the customer must issue the contractor the technical task for the performance of work, in which it will be important to indicate his requirements and wishes for the future building. All of them will be taken into account, except for those that go against existing building standards and rules. The customer will not be able to correctly formulate his requirements if he does not understand the elementary rules of construction, know the physical and operational characteristics of various building materials.

The design organization will study all possible options both based on materials and existing construction technologies. If possible, the estimated cost of the house without loss of the quality of the building will be reduced, a qualified examination of the environmental safety of the house has been completed, all the norms for compliance with fire safety rules were certainly fulfilled, the comfort of residence has been increased and the cost of maintaining the house was minimized.

With the help of the project, you can save on building materials by ordering them according to the existing specification. At the same time, the effect of savings can be exaggerated by choosing a reliable supplier of building materials having a large assortment of the products you need. The economic feasibility of a large supplier is a large choice of material – this is the economy class, and better and more expensive counterparts, as well as the delivery of different types of building materials by one machine. The cost of the delivery of each building material individually can significantly increase the estimated cost of your project.

The presence of a project gives another important advantage – the ability to save lumber. They should be purchased according to the design documentation, cutting is performed according to the specified sizes – the number of unproductive waste is significantly reduced. And, of course, the timing of construction work is reduced several times – there is no need to independently determine the supporting abilities of the structures, to select the corresponding materials according to the indicators of physical strength. And most importantly – only the availability of the project gives a guarantee that the house is built taking into account all the requirements of SNiPs 3.03.01-87, 11-26-76, 11-25-80, GOST 11047-90 and will safely operate for a long period of time.

Specification for the purchase of material

Why should a wooden house be built

As a result of the competent implementation of design and construction work, the developer will receive:

Functional wooden house. The premises will take into account both the wishes of young families dreaming of having a stylish building and the wishes of middle -generation developers who want to combine modern technologies and materials with many years of traditions of our ancestors.

Ecological house. There was no other building material on Earth, which, in its operational characteristics, was more safe for human health than a natural tree. Barus – completely environmentally friendly material. For the production of foam concrete and foam concrete blocks, bursts are used – special chemical additives that form the porosity of the material. All additives emit harmful chemical compounds into the air, albeit in small quantities, but with prolonged effects on the body, such contact does not pass without a trace. Slag blocks often have residual radiation. This is due to the features of the formation of coal and it is impossible to get rid of it. Red brick among others does not distinguish harmful substances, but it has a different drawback. Red brick walls “do not breathe”, which negatively affects the parameters of the microclimate in the interior – in them the relative humidity of the air is too high, then too low.

An economically profitable house. It is possible to achieve significant money saving by modernization and unification of the project. In addition, due to the excellent characteristics of heat saving, it is possible to minimize losses for the maintenance of the house due to the substantial saving of coolants in the heating season. And, of course, it is impossible to assess the cost of health in money, optimal living conditions have a very noticeable positive effect on the well -being of living.

Board of bathroom in a wooden house

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