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Repair in the children’s room

by dublindecor

If you planned repairs in the children’s room, it must be taken into account that the development of the child will directly depend on the correct interior. Before starting repair work, you need to make sure that the child’s personal space is safe, comfortable, functional, and also interesting.

Try to provide the room with maximum spaciousness, because children like to run, play. If the room has a small area, you can use the furniture – transformer. This furniture is easily folded: the children’s bed is pushed into a closet, a table and a chair can also be folded, as a result, a lot of space is saved as a result. In the children’s room, it is necessary to ensure complete safety: to avoid sharp corners in furniture, do not install objects in the room that easily ignite and harm the health of the child (synthetic materials).

Many people know that sunlight can affect the psyche and health of the child, so in this room you need to install the most vivid and high -quality lighting. For optimal intake of natural light, it is best to install metal -plastic windows. Such a window will create good sound insulation and protection against external dust. If the old window is repaired, you need to additionally carry out thermal insulation. To do this, it is necessary to fill with the foam space between the window box and the wall, and the discrepancies between the glass and the frame are sealed with hermetic substance. The inner window frame can be covered with bright paint, which will harmoniously fit into your interior.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to achieve natural light in the children’s room. The solution to the problem in this case will be the installation of a large number of sources of artificial lighting. In addition to the upper light, it would be nice to mount additionally sconces, or other wall lamps. Excessive electrical appliances are under -duty in the children’s room, and the outlets are best hidden under special lids.

A ray option for wall decoration in the nursery, are wallpaper. The color and design of the wallpaper is selected depending on the interior of the entire children’s room. Color and pattern should not irritate and bore the baby’s eyes. In order to avoid these problems, it is best to choose wallpaper that are painted in pastel light colors. An important point is the environmental friendliness of this material. The most suitable option for safe wallpaper is paper and washing. If the child shows interest in drawing, it is better to use liquid wallpaper that can be repainted many times

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