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Repair of the door lock

by dublindecor

Who did not face this situation: you come home, but the door does not open? If you have never concerned such a problem, then you are a lucky person. And if this happened, then you know firsthand about what the repair of a door lock or door frame is. When breaking the castle, we, first of all, are not thinking about its repair, but about how to get into an apartment or room.

How to get behind a closed door if the lock is broken?

The most popular option is to knock out the pouring of the door to break the door. Yes, men can cope with such a task, but women are unlikely to have enough strength, so you can ask for help from the neighbors. But this method will damage the door frame or door itself. And if you take special tools, then the door will at least continue to function.

In order for the door to remain intact and safety, you need to remove the bar on which the door rests. For this purpose, a hammer may be needed. So you can see the tongue from the castle, which will need to be put with a chisel. And if the distance allows, then it will be possible to cut the tongue using a grinder – this method is suitable only for repairing a wooden door. But after the door opens, you will need to put another castle, for example, you can buy a Barrier 4 castle, which is suitable exclusively for a wooden door.

But the metal door will be much more difficult to knock out. This can only be done with the door box. It is unlikely that you can get to the tongue, because such doors have a closure from above and below. In order to open such a door, you will need a drill. A 10 mm drill in diameter must drill the lock larva, and then you will get access to rods. Then you need to guess how this door opens. And with the help of a screwdriver and wire it can be opened.

If you do not have suitable tools to open the door, then you can call a master who will do everything neatly. Also, then it will be necessary to change the lock to avoid such unpleasant situations. In addition, the price is not so high for the installation of locks. At least nerves are more expensive.

The locks also need to be careful, because they suffer very much from the cold and excessive humidity. In order not to freeze and does not rust, you need to lubricate it with special oil (never take vegetable – it freezes!). To do this, pour the oil into the syringe and enter it into the lock larvae.

And if the castle nevertheless froze, then in no case should you pour it with hot water. It is better to set fire to a paper leaf and heat it with fire.

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