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The step by step process of buying a house in Ireland

by marusia

In order to buy square meters in the country of the Celts, a foreigner will have to be patient. After the object is chosen, it is necessary to conclude a preliminary contract and make a deposit of about 5-6 thousand euros.

Even if in the future the transaction fails due to the fault of the buyer, the deposit will be returned in full. An interesting nuance is that the buyer does not personally see the seller. Everything is decided by attorneys. It is they who are responsible for verifying all documents, clarifying whether real estate is mortgaged, whether there are any debts. Then comes the active buying phase. This includes assistance in obtaining a purchase loan if the buyer needs it, settling all the formalities with the main contract, transferring money to the seller and entering the name of the new owner in the real estate register of Ireland. All these procedures have been worked out to automatism by representatives of the Second Passport company. Any of the stages takes place with maximum comfort for the buyer. The task of managers of the “Second Passport” is to minimize the time and money spent by an investor who is interested in buying Irish square meters.

However, absolutely without additional costs can not do. You need to pay for the service of an Irish realtor – this is about 1% of the purchase price and taxes on land and house, which are about 0.5% in total. This is one of the lowest taxes in Europe. Mortgage loans in Irish banks also remain attractive to foreigners. They are ready to provide two-thirds of the amount for the purchase of housing, at 5-7% per annum.

Irish real estate is of interest to those who have a rather limited amount of it, due to the small size of this country.

If you want to buy property in Ireland, please contact our specialists in the messenger by phone, which you see at the top of the page. Or just click on the “order a consultation” button located in the upper right corner. Our experts will advise you and tell you what first steps you need to take so that the decision on your issue is positive.

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