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Types of siding for exterior trim

by dublindecor

Siding for the exterior of homes

Finishing work on the outside of the house – this is the final stage of construction, it occurs in the last place. This stage should be approached with full responsibility, as the most susceptible to external finish aggressive environmental conditions and mechanical damage.

Cladding materials

In the construction market at the moment a lot of finishing material, but the most popular among consumers is considered to be siding. Facing the house siding has many advantages, this is due to the unique properties of the material itself. It retains its unique exterior appearance for many decades while remaining just as durable. Panels made of steel, they are processed at low temperatures, and then at higher temperatures, a zinc-type coating is applied. The material is then coated with polymer compositions.

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Siding Types

Metal siding is used to clad the exterior surfaces of industrial buildings and residential homes. Cold-rolled steel provides reliability and stability. This is one of the most important factors in the construction of hangars, industrial buildings, warehouses and more. Metal siding has a variety of surface textures: smooth and profiled. In addition, metal siding can be painted in any color.

Siding vinyl – the most popular material for trim. As a rule, it is used for cladding private houses and low-rise commercial buildings. Its advantage – versatility, it replaces the finish on the walls, whether it is concrete, brick or wood. The material is not afraid of temperature differences, direct sunlight and moisture. The construction market presents more than two dozen color schemes.

The basement is the most exposed area of the house. The plinth destruction is caused by snow deposits, dampness, spring floods, mechanical damage. Siding socle – the best option to protect the lower area of the house, as it is made by a special technology. The thickness of the panel 2.5 mm – 3. That is three times the thickness of the vinyl type panels. The panels are made of polymer-based polypropylene with the addition of additives that are resistant to mold, rust, fungus, UV rays, and more.


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