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Types of stairs – wooden or metal

by dublindecor

The staircase is one of the most important elements of the interior of any building. It is noteworthy that the stairs are designed to perform two functions at once: aesthetic and functional. Moreover, the functional purpose of various types of stairs is the main. However, do not write off the aesthetic function of stairs from the account. The staircase, giving the room a complete and original appearance, is a decorative element that emphasizes the individuality and aesthetic preferences of the owner.

At the same time, it is worth remembering that the staircase with its appearance and design is quite capable of pretty spoiled the interior of any building or room.

Based on all of the above, we can conclude that the staircase, responding to the tastes of its owner, should be reliable and convenient. Moreover, this applies to both wooden and metal stairs.

Wooden stairs.

Making staircases from wood is a tradition of many centuries! Wood is a universal material that is used for the manufacture of stairs of different design and any structure. Such versatility is due to the fact that the tree can be painted in any color with varnishes, stains, paints and enamels. Wooden stairs are very in demand due to the fact that they can be given any color.

It is worth noting that all the elements of the stairs must be covered with varnish or paint until direct assembly.

With all its many advantages, the types of wooden stairs also have disadvantages. Firstly, a wood staircase is unprotected from a fire and easily ignited. Secondly, wooden stairs are absolutely not suitable for use in places with a large stream of people, t.to. Stairs wear occurs almost instantly.

Metal stairs.

Stairs made of metal are usually used in various production facilities. This fact is due to the fact that in production (factories, factories, etc.D.) the staircase is constantly in negative effects. Thus, some types of metal stairs in production are simply indispensable. However, a metal staircase can quite harmoniously fit into the interior of a cottage or a suburban mansion.

The advantage of metal stairs can be considered their versatility. In other words, metal stairs are ideally combined with materials such as glass, wood and stone.

Among other things, a metal staircase is made not as an example of it than a staircase made of wood. They are produced from various materials: steel sheets, pipes, reinforcing steel, channel, etc.

However, it is worth telling about the disadvantages of metal stairs. For example, metal stairs require careful care, painting. Surely it is no secret to anyone that the process of painting requires a lot of time and large energy consumption.

Say that a wooden staircase is better than made of metal and vice versa, it is pointless. Both types of stairs are equally in demand among consumers.

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