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Why is interest in high -rise wooden houses and wooden houses in general

by dublindecor

Wood is a chic material for construction – ecological, comfortable, durable and very beautiful. Today, even unusual tall wooden houses began to build from wood. The construction of country houses, as a rule, is carried out by wood, which in itself is a popular solution, but we are talking about a house for one family. Even if three floors are built when erecting such a house, this will not surprise us from the point of view of the height of the structure, but multi-storey wooden houses seem to us something extremely new. And yet, they are being built.

Recently, a multi -storey wooden house began to be erected in Norway, a wooden house of this kind is already functioning in Australia, and today many experts are discussing the potential benefits of such buildings. There are many reasons for considering a tree. First, it is worth noting a low environmental impact in comparison with other traditional options, such as concrete or steel. Wood is the only large renewable building material.

In North America, for example, there is a strict regulation of forest management. This allows you to control the cutting of forests and the long -term exchange of the benefit of a tree with nature. Wood products require less energy for production, minimally polluting air and water, leaving a lighter carbon media, unlike other widely used building materials.

Wood can significantly affect the quality of the space of the house – interior and exterior. The construction of houses from the beam in St. Petersburg is therefore popular that wood seems to people more attractive and warm. As a rule, a person experiences positive and strong emotions, describing the space where there are more components from natural wood. This, of course, pushes companies to produce more wood products and create prefabricated solutions that simplify construction and repair. Even for workers who serve the construction object, work with a tree is the most healthy, because the wood offers a cleaner, dry and healthy environment for a construction brigade.

There are environmental advantages of using wood as building material, including for high -rise buildings.. Firstly, this is a low carbon trace. Secondly, it is energy efficiency. The tree was noted as profitable material to increase performance. It does not release heat from the house, minimizing thermal bridges and increasing the efficiency of insulation. In addition, air tightness is carried out due to a smaller number of additional materials. It should also be emphasized that wood largely contributes to healthy environmental conditions.

The highest wooden building at the moment is Forte in Melbourne, Australia. This is already a completed project with 10 floors. Of course, the Norwegian project promises to be higher, but it is still being built. Experts expect that the height of such buildings will grow over time, because the desires of architects here coincide with the opinion of the market and consumer demand.

The only problem of wooden buildings that bothers the surveyed people is the weak resistance of wood to the fire. Consumers say that steel in this parameter is much more reliable than a tree, but this is not entirely true. Structural and massive wood products are processed with special impregnations that resist the fire. Layer by layer, the surface is protected by special insulation, which helps protect a unbroken tree from a charred layer. The uninterated part of the tree next to the charred retains 85-90 percent of its strength. In addition, there are wooden panels that can eliminate the voids between the walls and the breaks, where the fire tends to spread, which makes such a system more stable strategies in fire safety. In general, fire safety systems in such houses are many. Sprinkler systems and refractory paint are used as a general solution to this issue.

Another concern is moisture. Conducting the construction of a turnkey cottage house in St. Petersburg, we are not so afraid for this item, knowing that people have been doing such houses for hundreds of years, confirming their durability. But when it comes to a high -rise building, this issue worries us along with fire safety. Experts say that all structural elements of a high -altitude building made of wood are located either inside the enclosing structure protected by a canopy or in the case of console panels, are open only in the lower part. As in any building or in any material, you need to take into account the qualities and capabilities of the tree in order to ensure a long service life. The mechanical ventilation system can solve the moisture problem, although the education of the residents of such a house about proper care of their apartments can remove any problems. Another solution is moisture sensors within the building enclosing structures to control the structure in the long run.

Are there any financial benefits from the use of wood in high -rise buildings? Short construction terms will reduce the cost of building. Energy efficiency will improve energy conservation. Experts note that a wooden structure can at least compete with a concrete structure.

An interesting feature of high -altitude wooden buildings is the fact that most wood is hidden in the structure from the outside and is available only from the internal. This creates warmer living spaces and high -quality city life, which at least slightly, but brings urbanization to ecology.

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