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Apartment renovation: we fasten the plinth.

by dublindecor

Substitution of the skirting board is one of the final stages of repair. So, the ceiling is painted, the wallpaper is glued, the door is replaced, on the floor parquet. Now the point is for the plinth.

How to attach a plinth? – glue or screw into screws. If the walls are wooden, then still, you can nail with nails.

If you do not want to make extra holes, then the skirting board is glued to liquid nails, but provided that the surface of the wall and floor is even, without bends. They are also glued to small areas of the wall, where there is no way to attach the skirting board in another way.

But the most practical method, nevertheless, screw with screws.

1) the plinth will appear, if necessary, remove (for example, when you change the wallpaper).

2) skirting boards can be “attracted” in problem areas.

We proceed to the installation

Wooden plinth.

We start from the corner. First, check the corner of the room. If it is 90g., then we write down the baseboard under 45g. More convenient with the help of “wort”, a special device for cutting angles.

If the angle is more or less than 90g., We make a separate markup. Lodge plinth along the wall close to the corner. We draw on the floor a line from the corner along the plinth. We also do on the second wall. There will be a label in the form of a cross on the floor. We make a label on this cross on the plinth. Wash, bed in place. We join and look. If the joint does not match slightly, then we undermine, adjust.

To the concrete or brick wall, we attach the nagel with dowels (dowel similar to a screw, with a plastic traffic jam) distance: from the edge of 5 cm.; between dowels 50 – 70 cm., Separately fasten in the places of bending the wall.

We fasten the cutter to the drywall wall. Better to get into a profile itself. Where the profile is easy to find out using a magnet.

Scroll hats are closed with plastic or texture plugs. We cover the remaining cracks with colored, acrylic putty.

The plastic skirting board is more convenient than wooden in that it does not need to be written out under 45g. It has components: external and internal corners; connectors; right and left plugs.

Plastic skirting boards are mounted simply. We take out the middle bar out of the baseboard, a groove will open, specially designed for screws. We put on a corner on the end, with a slope of the baseboard and fasten in the place. We pull the bar. On the second, free, end we put on the connector and t.D. The last skirting board first measure, putting on the corner; cut off and then take out the bar. We fasten, put the bar in place. In places of adjacent with a door cashing, a plin is put on a baseboard.

Incredible plinth, plus to everything, is still equipped with a mount. First fastening the fasteners, a plinth is snapped on it. Here the main thing is not to be mistaken when installing the mount. For this, a special device is used, which should be included in the kit.

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