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Beautiful ceiling – cozy apartment

by dublindecor

Repair in the apartment, as a rule, begins with the ceiling, so you need to decide what you want to see above your head.

If you do not like experiments, or you have few cash, then you can choose from a mass of offers of masters who know how to make the ceiling not only beautiful, but also durable.

Materials used to repair the ceiling

one. putty if you just want to whitewash the ceiling or paint;

2. polystyrene stoves;

3. drywall;

four. polyester fabric or polyvinyl chloride film.

The simplest is, of course, whitewashing, but such ceilings are no longer popular at all. The whitewash has the ability to get wet, fall dust, and also crumble, so the most often the rest of the ceiling repair is used.

Polyteral foam slabs can be pasted on any surface, as well as stained with water -based paint.

Drywall, or, differently, suspended ceilings are more in demand in official institutions, stores and utility rooms. They can look hard in the apartment, unless you make such a ceiling at different levels, with spotlights. Then he will look just great. Drywall environmentally friendly material, however, does not tolerate moisture poorly.

Lining or metal plates can also be used as a suspended ceiling, but in the rooms such a ceiling may look rude. Good for the bathroom, kitchen and corridor, as well as for private houses.

Choose the best

Stretch ceilings have been established best at the moment. They can be fabric and plastic. Such a ceiling is seamless, or have several seams.

It is better to choose seamless for the room, as it will not divide the ceiling into pieces. Stretch ceilings hold moisture and, if necessary, can be installed in any room, even in the bathroom.

Different colors of such ceilings and a type of fabric that can be both matte and glossy, will allow you to choose the best options for decorating your home.

It is quite difficult to make a stretch ceiling yourself, so it’s better to invite the master.

The fabric ceiling, albeit more expensive, but better than the film, therefore, if there are funds, choose it.

Fabric and film ceilings have only one weakness, they cannot be stabbed with sharp objects, so try not to shoot champagne at the ceiling, but such a ceiling is easily washed if necessary.

Gypsum plasters ceilings in this regard are more resistant to damage, but they can also suffer if you do not treat them carefully, these ceilings cannot be washed, but you can, if necessary, treated with a vacuum cleaner.

What ceiling to choose, you decide, but the more beautiful you have the ceiling, the more exquisite the room looks, so if you have the opportunity, do not save, but choose the best.

A beautiful and well -installed ceiling will last you for many years, especially if it is installed by a master professional.

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