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Bed attic: pros and cons of

by dublindecor

Ordinary beds for children are no longer in demand as before. Most parents today choose a completely different, unique option for their children – the attic bed. This is a fairly functional design that is ideal for the interior of any children’s room. However, the attic bed has both its advantages and some disadvantages that will be listed in this article.

All children love to play, moreover, they develop physically and mentally thanks to all kinds of games. Therefore, parents are faced with the task – to give household items of the room game elements. And this becomes possible thanks to the unique design called the attic bed. She creates a cozy atmosphere in the children’s room, in which all the kids like to be located. As can be seen from many years of experience, children are just crazy about such bed models.

What is the attic bed?

In its design, this is a bunk bed, the berth of which is located on the upper tier. Its main feature is that the lower tier is specially intended for the personal needs of the child. The kid can independently decide how to use the space provided to him. For example, a child may contain game sets here, build a small secret place for himself, you can put a table for classes and many other options.

The attic bed – pluses:

– This design allows you to significantly save the space of the room. This is especially noticeable when the apartment is struggle for every centimeter of living space. Thanks to the bed, the attic in the room can place additional furniture, things and toys.

– Convenient to use. The bed contains special sides that protect your child from falling, sleeping in such a bed is a pleasure.

– The attic bed is a high -quality sleeping place. Often this design is made of natural wood.

– Many children at an early age dream of sleeping on the second floor. The attic provides them with such an opportunity.

Bed attic – Cons:

Like any other design, the attic bed has its own minuses:

– If the ceiling of the room is too low, it will be difficult for the child to stand in full height. It is also inconvenient to cover the bed. But this drawback is present only if low ceilings in the apartment.

– If the bed is made of natural materials, its cost will be much more than an ordinary children’s bed.

Given all the advantages and disadvantages of this design, you yourself must come to the conclusion whether to buy a bed of the attic bed.

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