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Carpet coatings

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With the approach of cold weather, each of us is worried that our house, ensuring the safety of living, has an atmosphere of comfort and comfort. When solving this problem, you can first engage in floor insulation, for which you can use carpet coatings.

Modern carpets can be made of two types of fibers: natural and artificial. In turn, natural fibers can be classified on an animal or plant origin. The first can act, say, wool, silk, and in the role of the second – Len, jute. The manufacture of synthetic fibers is engaged in the person himself. These include polyamide, polyester, polypropylene and polyacryl. Products made of synthesized raw materials are not inferior in natural products. They are not only more accessible, but also demonstrate increased characteristics of resistance to wear.Synthetic polyamide fiber, which is familiar to us as nylon, is one of the most significant textile fibers. Polyamide -based coatings are characterized by softness, the ability to hold the pile, the absence of dents that arise from the legs of furniture, as well as difficulties in cleaning and resistance to fading. Polyester is a more tough material in sensations, it is distinguished by the presence of a characteristic shine.

Polypropylene is able to perfectly resist the influence of ultraviolet rays and moisture. This material is inherent in congenital antistatic. On its basis, artificial herbal coatings are made. Polyacryl is one of the first synthetic compounds. The properties inherent in its fibers give them similarity to wool, but low resistance to wear andly forces it to apply it as an additive to other fibers.

The process of production of whole canvases on the basis of pile provides for the use of special machines.

The design of the needle -proof machine is represented by two plates. The motionless plate located at the bottom provides for a large number of holes that are in accordance with the placement of served needles, which are present on the moving upper plate. Synthetic mass from pieces of fibers blocks the canvas. During the passage between the slabs, the needles stick into the material, as a result of which they capture the fibers and remove them out of the canvas.

The work of the tapting machine is based on the loop method. There are many vertical needles that move in the same way as the needle in the sewing machine. A pile thread made on the basis of fibers has already been inserted into them. Pile fixation provides simultaneous movement of needles and hooks that stretch the loops.

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