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Ceilings for a wooden house

by dublindecor

Private houses have acquired popularity. A traditional wooden log house causes especially greater sympathy in the Russian soul. This is due not only to historical roots, but also with the simplicity of the design, with a high level of its reliability. Such houses are not only beautiful in appearance, but also environmental. But the construction of such a charms is not a very easy event. A number of difficulties arising during its construction are often focused on an ordinary builder. One of such dead end issues is the decoration of the ceilings of such a log house. Here you can consider several options, depending on the preferences.

First, you can use the same wood. This option will not cause any imbalance in the room, and it is good to emphasize the overall surroundings. Here you can take into circulation various options for decorating the wood itself. It can be wooden panels, long pads in the form of small log cabins, and flat boards. Even the so -called “wooden lining” will be made.

Secondly, you can install a suspended ceiling. Such ceiling processing will create a very interesting interior. This will be a combination of the past and the present, thereby causing interest in those present. For such ceilings, you can use different bars of wood without stopping on the same type of color.

Thirdly, you can organize an even white ceiling. This option is not as harmonious as the two previous ones, but allows you to illusory the size of the room. As an option, you can finish the ceiling with drywall, or whitewash.

Plaster is no longer so common to use this method. This is a too laborious task, the fulfillment of which takes not only a lot of effort, but also time. The very meaning is to stretch a special grid at the right level. They begin to increase the plaster on this grid. The same drywall is much easier in the installation. To install it, it is enough to fasten it to a metal frame suspended on beams. This method is not only easy to install, but also has increased resistance to subsidence of the whole house. In addition, drywall does not sprinkle when subsidizing the structure, like plaster, and has a longer service life.

Thus, knowing the possible options for ceilings in log cabins, you can choose the most interested way. This will allow the desired room to be a unique originality and a pleasant atmosphere, regardless of the choice.

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