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Concrete flower beds and urns in St. Petersburg

by dublindecor

Each person, regardless of gender, age and social status, will be pleased to go on a sunny summer day and take a walk around the city. In the warm season, numerous flower beds bloom in the squares, making the panorama a more lively and attractive. In addition, small flower beds are installed in many yards.

These street furniture items appeared in the cities of our country more than a hundred years ago. In those days they were made from wood. As practice has shown, this material was not able to withstand temperature changes and seasonal precipitation, so these days flower beds are made from cement.

Features and advantages of concrete flowers

Today, cement is used everywhere. This material can be called universal. As for concrete flower stories, they have a number of important advantages:

Immunity to adverse external factors. The change of seasons is characterized by constant temperature changes and a change in air humidity. All this does not affect the state of concrete in any way.

Stability with strong physical exposure. To ensure a long service life, such a product must be strong. Concrete flower stories with a metal frame inside the thick layer of cement withstand strong blows. Such a product will stand in a park or square up to 50 years, and will not suffer at all. Water and fire will easily pass concrete flower beds, and will remain unharmed.

Environmental friendliness. In our world, polluted by many toxic substances, this factor plays a large role. Modern concrete is made by technology that does not imply the use of components harmful to the environment. Flowers in such flower beds grow up healthy and full -fledged, to the joy of the inhabitants of the city.

Mobility. Concrete urns can always be transported from one place to another. If, for example, the city authorities decide to repair a section of the road on which the flower grinder stands, this factor will be more than useful.

Aesthetic appearance. All that is required is annual coloring. A little paint, and the gray concrete block will look bright and affably.

The list of operating advantages of flower stories from concrete is completed by moderate cost. For such a product you will not have to pay fabulous money.

A neat flowerbed of cement can decorate not only a park, a square or city street. A small flower garden can purchase for his private home or summer cottage.

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