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Furniture is a whole group of various details and mechanisms, without which the operation of the door is impossible. The choice of loops, eyes, pens, chains and other products responsible for the functionality of the structure is simply amazing. If desired, the owner can equip the door with high -quality elements from leading manufacturers that guarantee comfortable operation of the door.

The main representative of this product is considered pens. Such doorbells can be bought in special stores or just on the market, designed to open/closing the door. When choosing a specific model of pens, you need to pay attention to the quality and appearance of the product. The pen should be in harmony with the canvas, the interior of the apartment or at home and differ in high reliability, since its failure can lead to big problems. Often the hands are made of silumin, brass or stainless steel. The use of plastic or wood is considered an economical option. A gilded handle will be a real luxury and complementing the elite interior.

A very important representative of accessories is the door chain, which is an element of protection. Many door locks to fittings, but this statement is erroneous. Therefore, it is the chains that represent accessories, which is more responsible for the safety of the owner. The chain allows you to slightly open the door to a safe distance, which excludes the possibility of penetrating the attacker. The most common type of door chain is the option when a special plate is attached to the box hardly connected to the chain. At the same time, there is a hook at its end, which is included in the cheek. The length of the chain is regulated by changing the number of links.

Special loops are responsible for fixing the canvas in the doorbox. Reliable door loops are made of brass or stainless steel. For the normal operation of the door, the strength of the loops plays a decisive role. Low quality of loops or their improper installation leads to a serious bias. To open such a door, you need to make a serious effort. In addition, it can creak or spoil the flooring.

Upceptible, but very popular varieties of accessories include closers. The argument is understood as an electro or hydromechanical device, which is installed for automatic closing the door behind the person entered. Standard closers are calculated on light doors and infrequent use. For premises with high patency, you need to install high -class arguments.

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